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Team Pricing - Monthly and annual subscription plans based on users. This plan is ideal for 1-5 users.

Enterprise Pricing - Annual subscription plans for larger organizations that offer unlimited users. This plan is ideal for 6+ users.

Team (1-5 users) Enterprise (6+ users)
Subscription Term Monthly Annual Annual
Based on # of Users # of Users Legal spend or matters managed (unlimited users)
Cost $200/month/user $175/month/user Call for details
How do I pay Credit card or ACH Credit card or ACH/Check Credit card or ACH/Check
Payment due date 10 days 30 days 30 days
Early termination No proration No proration No proration
Can add users Anytime Anytime N/A
Multi-year discounts N/A Yes Yes
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To purchase an enterprise subscription, please contact the sales team at 800-731-5313 or legalbill-info@quovant.com.